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Riviera Voyager Complete Longboard  

Riviera Voyager Complete Longboard  


Designed for someone who is looking to cruise on a longboard, the Riviera Voyager has classic pintail shape that provides stability and control. The concave in the board ensures comfort while you ride with both your feet placed inside of it; only one foot needs to be touched at a time because this deck features front steering so balance can easily stay maintained!

The input speaks about some things we might not know anything or care much about: carving boards (or maybe they're just called "longboards"), commuting boards, etc. It's difficult enough standing up without all these technical terms thrown around when we don't even have any context yet--before getting into how great their decks are-and if I'm being honest there doesn't seem like


  • Length: 116.8 cm/46" 
  • Width: 24.1 cm/9.5" 
  • Wheelbase: 78.7 cm/31" 

Trucks Mindless RK

Wheels Hammond Surf Highway 70mm Orange

Bearings Abec 9