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Slingshot Sentry V1 Kite Bar


2022 Slingshot Sentry Bar V1

The New Slingshot Bar!


Click-In chicken loop technology meets intuitive, auto-swivel line untwisting, in this all-new state of the art control bar. We are proud to introduce the pinnacle of kiteboarding control systems: the Slingshot Sentry V1.

The compstick bar successor combines comfort, performance and dependability into one elegant design that gives to the riders a cleaner, safer, and higher performing experience.

By collaborating with the riders and listening to customers needs, Slingshot's designers dissected the rpevioust control bar technology and developed one of the most comprehensive and intuitive systems on the market.

You gotta try it, you will fall in love!


Slingshot Sentry sizes

  • 20" x 20m w/ 3m ext.
  • 17"  x20m