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Cabrinha Ace Wood 2022 Big-Air & Freeride Kite board

Hybrid Design Allround Big Air & Freeride Kiteboard By Cabrinha

The Cabrinha Ace Wood 2022 is the perfect allround kiteboard for all your needs. It has a hybrid design that's both freestyle and free-ride friendly, so you can take it in any terrain with ease! The wood construction of this board allows for ultimate comfort in rough and choppy waters, which translates to greater edge control when jumping big or taking off fully powered.


Cabrinha Ace 2022 SIZES:

133 x 38.5 

135 X 40

138 X 41.5
141 X 43


  • Huge pop & grip: Tip and rail channels create an intuitive backfoot grip, which locks your feet in place on the water. This also gives you an incredible pop!

  • Versatilitymaximum drive and upwind performance in any condition, for an incredibly easy-to-use and top-performing board. 

  • Do-it-all: With the 2022 Cabrinha Ace you'll be able to make any landing, no matter how rocket propelled or off-pad you are. The incredibly smooth ride and predictable feel of this kiteboard will give you the confidence to try any maneuver you can possibly think about!


Wood Core

Made from the strongest and lightest material in kiteboarding, the Cabrinha Ace 2022 is designed to flex naturally with your feet. Its premium Paulownia wood core has been vertically laminated for maximum strength so you can maximize fun in any session and condition.

Cabrinha Ace wood core


Medium Rocker Line

The Cabrinha Ace 2022 features a perfect blend of rocker and pitching performance. This translates to a board that is great for all conditions. If you've tried the previous versions of this kiteboard, you will notice an increased turning radius, which will allow you to carve tight when needed most, particularly for overpowered riding and big-air jumping!

Cabrinha Ace wood 2022 Rocker line


Medium Flex

Aiming at being the perfect allround freeride kiteboard for any type of terrain, this year's Ace Wood is been designed with an easy flex that will allow the rider to slide into turns effortlessly and enjoy butter-soft landings, guaranteed.

Cabrinha Ace Wood water line channels

Watch the official video for the 2022 Twintip Cabrinha Kiteboards!


The Wakestyle Team Opinion & Review

The Cabrinha Ace Wood 2022 can be the perfect one-board-quiver for those riders who prefer to have just a single board for any condition and any kite discipline, for practicality or convenience.

This kiteboard excels in freeride, big-air, and freestyle kiteboarding: its medium flex is well able to absorb choppy waters and harsh landings, while the medium rocker line assures a smooth ride without sacrificing speed. 

If you can afford just one board in your quiver, or if you don't wanna mess around with too much gear packed in your car and in your garage, get yourself one of these, you won't regret it.


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As soon as your order is placed, you'll receive a confirmation email with tracking information. Orders are usually delivered in 2-3 working days throughout Europe!

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