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Cabrinha X Caliber 2022 Wood


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Caliber: High-Performance freestyle / freeride board by Cabrinha

The Cabrinha Caliber is well known for being a top-of-the-range model in the Hawaiian brand's line of kiteboards, designed for maximum performance and comfort in all types of wind and water conditions.

The Cabrinha X Caliber 2022 Wood continues the tradition, proving to be a true multitasking kiteboarding machine. Thanks to the wood core, the X Caliber is able to take the beat and absorb also the heaviest landings from megaloops and/or powered unhooked tricks, while offering locked-in riding also at high speed for overpowered riding and big-air boosts.

The 2022 edition of the Cabrinha is designed for offering an even greater traction for aggressive take-offs, making it perfect for virtually any situation you're likely to encounter while riding your kite.

All this being said, you can easily understand why the "Xcal" is an excellent board for those who want to take their freestyle skills to the next level.


Cabrinha X Caliber Wood 2022 SIZES:

 133 X 40


135 X 41

138 X 42
141 X 43



Wood Core

The core of the X Caliber is made from Paulownia wood, vertically laminated to optimize its strength and reduce weight. This process makes the kiteboard flex freely without any stiffness point or excess pounds dragging you down while riding around or sending your favorite tricks!


Cabrinha x caliber woodcore

Fast Rocker

The sharp rocker line of the Cabrinha X Caliber 2022 allows for great acceleration, edge hold, and speed. Upwind performance is dramatically improved compared to the previous versions.

Cabrinha X Caliber 2022 rocker line


Medium Flex

Soft landings, butter-smooth turns, and overall riding comfort are some of the most appreciated features by the Cabrinha riders, all possible thanks to the medium-flex pattern of this kiteboard.

Cabrinha X Caliber 2022 water lines

Watch the official video for the 2022 Twintip Cabrinha Kiteboards!

The Wakestyle Team Review & Opinion

The Cabrinha X Caliber 2022 wood confirms as one of the best freeride and freestyle kiteboards around, with top materials and excellent performances. The double concave, light weight, medium flex and the fast rocker line make this board one of the best buy for avid kitesurfers.

If you are looking for a forgiving yet performing kiteboard for all the unhooked and hooked-in tricks and loops of you dreams than go grab this stick before it goes sold out!


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