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Longway Sumit Stuntstep

Longway Sumit Stunstep

The Longway Summit is a stunstep that performs at the skate park.

The y shaped handlebar is stiff and resistant so you can pull out all your tricks.

The Summit 2K19 from Longway is a scooter suitable for the skate park and vert riding. With a chromoly steel handlebar that is stiff and resilient to braking, you can challenge your repertoire with tricks. If you like curvy, you'll love the Y-shaped handlebars. But the rounded lines aren't just for looks, they also add strength and durability. In addition, for very, very smooth spin tricks, it comes with IHC, an easy-to-maintain compression system.

The flashy wheels have an  aluminum core, which is very durable and looks super good

This Park oriented Longway scooter has a  narrow and light deck that easily lifts off the ground becoming ultra  responsive in the air

Total Height

84,5 cm

Bar Width


Max  Load



3,9 kg

Handlebar Shape

Y form

Deck Length

53 cm

Deck Width

11 cm


Abec 9

Wheels Diameter and hardness

110mm 88A

The height of a stuntstep can make a big difference, that s why we advice you to follow the chart before you buy

Rider's Height


Advised Stuntstep Height

95-112 cm

3-5 year

Under 70 cm

112-126 cm

5-7 year

60-75 cm

126-138 cm

7-9 year

65-79 cm

138-149 cm

9-11 year

75-80 cm

149-160 cm

11-13 year

75-85 cm

160-172 cm

13-15 year

78-85 cm

Over 172 cm

15+ year

79+ cm


How to choose the right size? we recommend to measure the distance from the ground to your hips and belly button.  We advise to choose a stuntstep that is not higher or lower than this two values, ideal is a measure in between

Some riders like  a higher stuntstep some others a lower one. If you are not sure you can always come to our Stuntstep shop in Bussum so you can find the right size and many other products as accessories or protections