Naish S26 Hover LE Ultra-C. 2023

Naish S26 Hover LE Ultra-C. 2023



Naish Wing Foil Hover LE Carbon Ultra: The Ultimate Wing Foil

Are you looking for a wingfoil that excels in downwind performance? The Naish Wing Foil Hover LE is your perfect choice!

Ideal for wing surfing, the Naish Wing Foil Hover LE also functions seamlessly as a SUP foil board, SUP downwind foil board, and prone foil surfboard. It offers multiple foot strap insert positions, allowing you to choose between a double front strap setup or a single surf-style setup. The rocker is expertly balanced, ensuring the board flies smoothly parallel to the water surface, while the elevated tail kick and beveled rail guarantee easy takeoffs.

Enhanced with a Carbon Ultra layup, additional rail cap, and Kevlar patches in high-stress areas, this board delivers improved overall performance.

Features of the Naish Wing Foil Hover LE:

  • Carbon Ultra: Ensures durability and lightweight performance.
  • Lightweight: Easy to handle and maneuver.
  • Ledge Handle: For convenient carrying.
  • High-Density PVC Foil Track System: Provides secure and adjustable foil attachment.
  • Concave Deck Design: Offers stability and comfort.
  • Bottom Double Concave to V Nose: Enhances hydrodynamics.
  • Automatic Pressure Valve: Maintains optimal board pressure.
  • Grooved & Embossed EVA Pad: Ensures grip and comfort.
  • Beveled Rail Design: Improves stability and control.
  • Tail Kick Lift-Off Design: Facilitates smooth and easy takeoffs.
  • Footstraps Insert Options: Customizable setup (footstraps not included).