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Eleveight Kites RS V5 2021 Kite

2021 Eleveight Kites RS 2021 V5

Available from March, preorder now!

The 5th version of Eleveight's RS big-air kite is finally availabe at Wake-style.com for preorder

Already famous worldwide for versatility and boosting performance, the RS has established itself as a record setter, being so the kite of choice for many of the Big Air freaks out there.

Still, this kite is suitable not exclusively for Freestylers and dare devils, but also for beginners, freeriders and wave riders, thanks to a wide wind range and depower ability.

Eleveight RS Features

  • Three-strut delta-hybrid kite for high-performance freeriding
  • Tailor-made for versatile performance, in all riding styles
  • Designed to cover massive wind range and easy upwind travel
  • Ultra-stable construction, perfect for riding in any condition
  • Precise, fast, and smooth turning characteristics
  • Predictable and do it all kite
  • Easy upwind performance

Eleveight RS V5 2021

The Rs series are developed in order to help kitesurfers improve their performance.

If you are looking for a big air, wave freestyle, foil and freeride kite, the Eleveight Rs V5 will help you have fun in all those kitesurf disciplines. No need for a huge quiver!
The 3 strut construction keeps the kite light and responsive, while the knots on the bridles will help you to easily change the behaviour of the kite according to your preference.

The RS is now on pre-order on wake-style.com and available for you to test!
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