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Takuma Kujira 1440 Hydrofoil Wing Set


Downwind & Glide Performance

The Takuma Kujira Hydrofoil line is inspired by thee Humpback wales and the tubercles we find on the front wing have a positive effect in tems of speed and lift of the wing. The Kujira 1440 is the big brother of the 1220 and is mostly used for downwinders, surfing and prone foil surfing thanks to the generous 1440 cm2 that allows for instantaneous lift and super. smooth takeoffs, necessary for downwinders.

This high aspect hydrofoil by Takuma is ideal also for beginner wingsurfers or for wing foil addicts looking for a light wind wing set

The tubercules and the LOL winglets assure more lift per square centimeter than any other hydrofoil on the market

This set includes a travel case, 1x 1440 front wing, 1x 390 mm rear wing, 1x screw set. You can combine this wingset together with a 75 or 85 cm mast set

Front Wing  Measurements

  • Wing Span 
  • 1085mm
  • Chord : 170mm 
  •  Project area : 1440 cm2 

Back Wing 

  •  Wing Span : 390 mm  
  • Chord : 68 mm 
  • Project area : 220 cm2 

The Takuma Kujira 1440 is perfect if you are beginning with wingsurfing or you look to have a light wind wing. We recommend this front wing also to prone surfers and foil sup surfers. Available at wake-style.com Takuma official reseller