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Armstrong HA - High Aspect Foil


Endless glide, easy pump & rippability

Introducing the "Armstrong HA Foil" - Available at Wake-Style.com


Available at the store  from the 12th of December


Available in 7 different sizes:  680 // 780 // 880 // 980 // 1080 // 1180

Model Area (cm²) Span (mm) Aspect Ratio
HA580 580 TBC TBC
HA680 680 818 9.80
HA780 780 870 9.70
HA880 880 923 9.68
HA980 980 974 9.68
HA1080 1080 1020 9.63
HA1180 1180 1066 9.63

Discover the pinnacle of hydrofoiling with our Armstrong HA Foil range, a testament to the evolution of high-aspect (HA) foiling. First launched in 2021, our latest HA series is a fusion of exceptional maneuverability, effortless pumping, and limitless glide. It's designed to elevate the experience of intermediate to expert surfers, downwind, and wing foilers. Choose from a comprehensive array of seven sizes - 580 to 1180cm² - each tailored to maximize your foiling potential.

The HA series stands out with a unique blend of smooth carving and sustained elevation in the power zone, enhancing wave-riding capabilities. Its progressive foil section, evolving across the wingspan, dramatically boosts gliding efficiency and maintains consistent lift across various angles and speeds. If you're upgrading from our previous HA models, consider sizing down for a comparable pumping feel but with significantly enhanced performance.

Key Features:

  • - High Aspect Ratio: Ranging from 9.63 to 9.8 across all sizes.
  • - Versatile Size Selection: Seven sizes catering to a broad skill range.
  • - Evolutive Section Shape: Tailored for optimal water flow.
  • - Flat Profile: Ensures responsive turns, even with larger wingspans.
  • - Premium Toray Carbon Fiber: For unmatched stiffness and lightness.
  • - A+ System: Our proprietary connection system guarantees strength and versatility.

Performance and Quality:
This range is the result of extensive research with leading hydrofoil experts, ensuring a seamless blend with the waves and efficient lift. Experience enhanced carving and speed while maintaining easy control. Our use of high-end Toray carbon fiber combats torsional forces effectively, making these foils ideal for advanced riders. The combination of top-tier materials and manufacturing excellence ensures unrivaled performance and durability.

Get ready to redefine your foiling experience with the Armstrong HA Foil, exclusively at Wake-Style.com.