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NKX Canadien Complete Longboard Pink

Complete premium longboard


The NKD Canadiens longboard is designed to meet any of your desires; whether you're in need a freeride with plenty glides, or just want something reliable and stable. The board has powerful concave curves that keep actions under control while still being able ride smoothly over rough surfaces like snow banks or steep hillsides! Made from Canadian Esdoorn material which makes it high-performance longboard wood. With its symmetrical design this product guarantees success on both flat areas as well mountain tracks. NKD Canadiens is a versatile all-round board. This longboard has been designed with an idea of having something in mind no matter how big or small the task at hand may be, and it's full of features like variable concaves that can make your ride smooth even on dropthrough model! This board has twin tip design for maximum functionality in the streets. With an drop-through design, this skateboard comes extremely low to the ground and offers quick flexibility plus strong directional control with its powerful flexiblity.
The deck is stiffer and more durable than ever before; it features symmetrical sides which makes them versatile at Freeride  and for overal fun.



  • length 38.5"
  • width21cm
  • 7 layer canadian maple deck
  • medium concave
  • stiff flex
  • 78A 69mm wheels
  • ABEC 9 bearings
  • drop trough


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