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NKX Fearless Complete Longboard Walnut

Complete NKX longboard

Naked Fearless is drop through design with large cutouts to eliminate wheel bite. The symmetrical shape makes it possible to ride in both directions. The deck's construction consists of 6 layers of Canadian maple held together by a thermal lamination. So the deck has a very spicy flex! A heat press gives the deck its concave, rocker and kicktails. Rocker gets you a little closer to the ground and makes you push even better, while achieving greater comfort for freeride. Variable concave with a touch of wheel arches for better control of the slides and freeride. Long kicktails give you plenty of options to pop the board and do tricks. 

The design of the longboard tries to touch as many disciplines as possible. Naked Fearless is drop mounted with Flow Deluxe 180mm (7") trucks and shock pads. Along with rocker which lowers the center of gravity and makes the board very comfortable to push. Flow Deluxe has 90A bushings wearing a simple and constant weight transfer in the trucks, this gives you a stable carve 69mm wheels make the board light and good for freestyle while the stone grounded contact patch (55mm) allows you to break the grip and throw a slide Spaceballs ABEC-9 bearings and the relatively soft wheels (78a) helps to make your riding more uniform and comfortable.


  • Length 39.5"
  • Width 24cm
  • Wheelbase 73cm
  • Weight 3250g
  • 78A 69mm wheels
  • Medium flex