Dakine Wing Foil Pack

Dakine Wing Foil Pack


Dakine Wing Foil Pack

Introducing the DaKine Chase Wing Board, meticulously crafted to conquer any type of conditions. This versatile board is designed to be your ultimate companion, whether you're catching your first wave or chasing down exhilarating open ocean swells. It features a subtle concave deck, allowing for strapless riding, and a double concave in the nose, which minimizes suction and facilitates smooth take-offs when pursuing waves. The Chase boasts an optimized volume distribution for enhanced stability exactly where you need it.

Chase 78: Dimensions - 5'0" x 25" x 4.4" Chase 98: Dimensions - 5'4" x 27" x 4.9" Chase 115: Dimensions - 5'8" x 29.5" x 5.5"

Dakine Charger Complete Foil

The Dakine Charger Complete Foil offers exceptional lift and medium aspect ratios, making it perfectly suited for foil surfing, kite foiling, and wing foiling. Constructed with pre-preg carbon wings and an integrated fuselage, these foils deliver superior stiffness and precise control. The front wing's forward draft profile ensures stable and predictable lift. Each kit comes in three sizes: 1300, 1600, and 1950. The package includes everything you need, including your preferred front wing, a 70cm mast, 346 fuselages, 220 rear wings, and all necessary hardware.

DaKine Cyclone Wing

The DaKine Cyclone Wing is the epitome of versatility, designed to tackle any challenging conditions with ease. This wing offers exceptional stability while drifting on waves or downwind. Its incredibly rigid design allows for quick and effortless take-offs, while also enabling you to power through gusts and achieve impressive jumps. No matter your chosen discipline, the Cyclone Wing outperforms other wings with its exceptional performance.

Key features of the Cyclone Wing:

  • TPU window with a center load seam
  • High Center-LE diameter and progressive taper for improved stiffness and canopy tension, resulting in upwind efficiency
  • Controllable power across a wide range of wind conditions
  • HD large diameter closing seam construction
  • Balanced dihedral providing an ideal power-to-stability ratio
  • High rigidity single strut for lightweight and predictable depower
  • Nano tech ripstop material
  • High Tenacity Dacron LE
  • Sprint Inflate Valve for quick inflation
  • Exceptional safety during operation
  • Kevlar wing tip reinforcement
  • Safety wrist leash included

CHARGER FOIL TECH 1300 - [ Front Wing-1300 ] [ Mast-70cm ] [ Fuselage-346 ] [ Rear Wing-220] 1600 - [ Front Wing-1600 ] [ Mast-70cm ] [ Fuselage-346 ] [ Rear Wing-220] 1950 - [ Front Wing-1950 ] [ Mast-70cm ] [ Fuselage-346 ] [ Rear Wing-300]

All kits include: Padded EVA Covers, Torx Tool T30 / T40, and SS316 Screw Set

Front Wing Dimensions: 1300 - Surface Area (SA): 1300cm², Wing Span (WS): 780mm, Aspect Ratio (AR): 4.7, Volume (Vol): 1.6L 1600 - SA: 1600cm², WS: 900mm, AR: 5.05, Vol: 2.0