Takuma CK Carbon Foil Wing Board

Takuma CK Carbon Foil Wing Board


Performance carbon wingsurf board by Takuma


Available from June 2022 Pre-Order NOW !!!

The Takuma CK Carbon Board range will offer you an unmatched combination of stability, maneuverability, and speed. Whether you're surfing the waves and catching small breezes or wingsurfing downwind at breakneck speeds - this is the perfect product for any avid foil wing surfer

If you are looking for a lightweight yet stable wing foil board with extraordinary maneuverability and speed, then the Takuma CK Carbon Foil Board Range is perfect for you. This wingsurb board features everything you need from beginner to pro rider! It has stunning design and a feather light weight while being affordable. 


  • Highly reactive: thanks to the carbon construction the board is very light and responsive 
  • Compact volume: the Takuma CK has a compact shape with an evenly distributed volume that makes the board more playful and better to ride
  • Double concave hull: absorbs touch downs and impacts, improves take offs
  • Full carbon construction: makes the Takuma CK a super light and stiff foil board
  • Multi strap option: ride with 2  or 3 straps (3 foot straps included) 

Sizes 50L / 65L / 80L / 100L / 120L

 Volume: 50L  /  Length: 4’6’’ / Width: 21 1/4’’  /  Thickness:  4 3/8’’

 Volume: 65L  /  Length: 5’0’’ / Width: 23 1/2’’  /  Thickness:  4 15/16’’ 

Volume: 80L  /  Length: 5’3’’ / Width: 25 3/8’’  /  Thickness:  5 3/16’’

 Volume: 100L  /  Length: 5’6’’ / Width: 27 5/16’’  /  Thickness:  5 5/8’’ 

Volume: 120L  /  Length: 6'0"  / Width: 28 1/2"  /  Thickness:  6 1/16"