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Mystic Marshall wetsuit 5/3 Front-zip

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Mystic Marshall 5/3 mm winter wetsuit Front-Zip

Stand out from the crowd with the new Mystic Marshall wetsuit!

The Mystic Marshall is a top of the range winter wetsuit with top quality features. All the wetsuits seams have been Glued Blind Stitched and taped on the inside, to keep the water out. On the chest and on the back panel you'll find some comfy Fox Fleece lining to keep your core extra warm even in chilly sessions. Finally, 4-way stretch Hex-tech kneepads and a shin protection layer assure durability. 

Mystyc really run the extra mile to keep your core temperature high, so that you can surf easily all winter long and last longer even in the coldest days!


Mystic Marshall Wetsuit Features:

M-Flex Neoprene

The Mystyc M-Flex  neoprene keeps you nice and warm offering more stretch than ever before.


Fox Fleece:

The high pile lining not only ensures that you stay warm, but it also wicks away moisture from your skin to keep things dry!

fox fleeche


XTR Lining:

This extra thermal lining helps keep the heat right on your skin.

XTR Lining


Taping & stitches: 

Waterproof stratch taping areas and blind stitching make the wetsuit's seams waterproof, and prevent water from coming in.

Taping and stitches


Front Zip: 

The Mystic Marshall features a double horizontal zipper on the chest, that let the wetsuit open wide from top. This allows for an easier entry, and also more freedom of movement. Infact, with this construction allow back panels to stretch out rather than being stiff as in normal construtions.


The Mystic Aquabarrier is a silicone printing that forms an effective barrier between overlapping front-zip panels, preventing water from entering.


The perforated neoprene Aquaflush strips ensure that even that little amomun of water coming in will exit easily.

Mystic Boarding logo on the back of a Mystic Wetsuit

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