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AK Compact Foil Wing Board


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AK Compact Foil Wing Board

The AK Compact is your go-to for those looking to find their wings. With its highly concentrated volume, low swing weight, and tailored cut outs for the most popular gear, it's perfect for intermediate to advanced wing riders in lighter conditions. You'll be throwing it around like a pro with its stable platform and centralized volume creating ease while you jump or do progressive maneuvers. And thanks to the high apex rail, you'll maintain the feel of your board while still feeling stable on landings or when you're not planing.

Sizes available:

  • 4’6” x 24” x 3.4” 58L

  • 4’8” x 26” x 3.8” 74L

  • 4’10” x 27.5” x 4” 85L

  • 5’2” x 29.5” x 4.35” 105L


Carbon Innegra Construction

Covering an ultra-lightweight fused EPS core, the Reflex Carbon Innegra shell provides exceptional flex and response. With its inherent lightweight and impact-resistant qualities, Innegra dissipates a tremendous amount of energy to reduce vibrations. The heavy-duty foil connection features a high-density load plate that connects with the top deck for direct contact with the rider's feet. 

Kick Tail

The Ak-Compact's bottom kick tail will allow you to easily release your board from the water with a simple upstroke. You'll notice that it won't touch the water while you're pumping and turning either.

Bottom Shape

This board is fast and easy to ride. I love the round nose and soft rails, which keep the nose from sticking during touch downs without losing any speed at all. The midsection curves into a single concave, so you can plan quickly on this board. And those hard rails in the tail area work together with the concave to give you an easy release of water whenever you only partially land a trick on the water.

High Apex Rail

With its high apex, the AK Compact combines the stability of a wider board with the ability to turn more aggressively like you would on a board that is 4 inches narrower. This works in conjunction with the hard release edge in the tail and a softer release in the nose for intuitive touchdowns and fast releases. Uniquely, this combination allows the Compact to be used in lighter winds without sacrificing performance when getting up on your foil.

Wide nose

For pure wing performance, we gave the Compact a wide nose and made it short to keep its volume up front. The rails are parallel, which creates stable flight at low and high speeds. The volume is also spread evenly between the nose and tail thanks to this design.


Wakestyle review & opinion

We think that the AK Compact is a board ideal for wingsurfers freestyle oriented who want a compact shape with some extra buoyancy and stability. The board is super light and in the small sizes ideal for jumps and freestyle tricks. It is strong and light thanks to the Innegra Carbon construction. If you are more into waves we recommend a AK Phazer V2