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Ak Phazer V2 Reflex Carbon - Allround Foil Board


Multisport Carbon Foil Board

The Ak Phazer Reflex Carbon is the perfect adventure companion for wingsurf, surf or kite foil fanatics. In fact, according to the size you choose, this multisport foil board can be used for your favorite surfing discipline.

Being so versatile, the Ak Phazer will help you optimise your time on the water, particularly if you practice multiple disciplines or different riding styles.

From entry level, to pro riders, it stable platform transmits trust and feedback to the rider.

This board is available at the distributor's warehouse  and is ready to be shipped the same day of the order if placed before 15 pm. Delivery time in the Benelux in 24-48h. It is possible to pick up at our store in Bussum.

Contact us for more details, or call the shop directly: +31 (0) 635 31 03 61


The Ak Phazer V2 Reflex Carbon is available in the following sizes:

  • 4’0”
  • 4’3″
  • 4’6”
  • 5’0″
  • 5’3”
  • 5’4”
  • 5’6”
  • 5’10”
  • 6’2”


Concave Deck

The concave deck allows for stability while paddling in to the wave. While riding, it allows for fast acceleration on the wave's wall; the rider will be free to put more pressure on the front of the board, because the concave will keep it nice and stable while speeding through different wave sections. The connection to the foil is mind blowing, thanks also to the extra volume on the rails.

Ak Phazer Reflex concave deck

Bottom Shape

The round v shaped nose of the Ak Phazer prevents the sticking during touch downs, so that you will be able to recover without loosing any speed. The single concave in the mid section provides maximum speed.

On the bigger sizes you will find a longer release edge, that helps early planing at lower speeds.

Kick Tail

The bottom kick tail helps the rider to lift the board upwards, and assist him/her in forcing the nose to lift and release from the water. Furthermore, the kick tail prevents the board from touching the water while pumping.

Narrow Nose

The narrow noses assures fast paddling, and pierces effortlessly trough the waves while reducing the catch through the turns. Ahhh!

Reflex Carbon Construction

The Reflex Carbon construction makes the AK Phazer a really solid and stiff foil board, covering an ultra-lightweight fused EPS core.

The hydrofoil is secured to the board thanks to a heavy duty fload plate, which allows for a total connection and symbiosis between the board and the rider.

  • Full biaxial carbon top deck
  • Wood sandwich standing areas
  • Heavy-duty hydrofoil connection

Rocker Curve

The flat tail rocker fearured on the AK Phazer maximizes your speed to get into waves early, and ensuring that you have a more balanced ride. The slight nose kick prevents the board from pearling; the board still has enough curve, needed for touch downs, but it does provide less traction when going off-shore or catching a wave backside!

Thick Profile

The Ak Phazer is a voluminous foil board with a surprising amount of float in such a short length. This reduces the swing weight, keeping the board easy to pump and turn. The volume is optimized for stability, which allows the rider to get into the wavws as easily as possible!


Watch the Ak Phazer Reflex Carbon official video:



Wakestyle Team Opinion

At Wakestyle we are wingsurf and foil fanatics. We've been there since the beginning of the hydrofoil revolution, and we witnessed the super fast evolution of foil materials and gear. Even if nowadays there is a wide range discipline specific gear, we know that foiling equipment is expensive, and that many riders can't afford to have different boards if they wont to practice different foiling disciplines (i.e. wingsurf,  kitefoil, surf, etc.)

The Ak Phazer V2 Reflex Carbon finally offers a versatile option for those riders that want to practice different foil disciplines with just a single board.

Choose the size of the board according to your favorite discipline, thanks to a generous volume and compact size, you will still be able to use this foil board also in different terrains and coupled with different gear.

If you're not sure about which size to purchase, contact us for some personalized tips!


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