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AK Phazer V3 Reflex Carbon Wing Foil Board


All round carbon foil board

Sizes: 4’0” // 4’3″ // 4’6” // 5’0″ // 5’3” // 5’4” // 5’6” // 5’10” // 6’2”

The AK Phazer V3 is one of the most versatile and allround foil boards on the market and can be used for different foil disciplines. The Phazer has become one of the favourite wing foil boards due to it's friendly characteristics and premium construction.  We can sum with two sentences the essence of this foil board: easy to ride and feather light !!!


  • Carbon Reflex construction: The Reflex Carbon construction is an extremely strong and stiff standing area that covers a ultra-lightweight fused EPS core. The foil connection features heavy duty high density load plate which carries the weight of this connection, connecting it directly to your ride for stability on any terrain you choose!
  • Concave deck: The concave deck of this board makes it much more stable and comfortable to stand on when paddling. This allows you to push your chest forward, which generates speed while riding into waves. 
  • Rocker curve: The nose kick prevents the board from pearling with enough curve to recover touch downs. The flat tail rocker maximizes speed, getting you on your foil early and ensuring that your ride angle is always 90 degrees when flying - This means that most foils will fit underneath this board 
  • Kick tail: The tail kick provides a secondary assist for when you want to get up and go, but not at the risk of sinking! If your board's nose sinks too deep into our watery depths then this feature will help release it by tilting forward before pumped-out turns or while pushing off with one foot.