Aroona - skim board california 90cm

Aroona - skim board california 90cm


Aroona - skimboard california 90cm

Run along the surf with your skimboard, slide the board over the water and jump on top of it!

Skimboard California 90cm is a cool board with which you want to be seen! The dark black printing contrasts beautifully with the white wood of the skimboard. With a length of 90 cm, this board is suitable for (young) adults who like a challenge and want to be sporty. California is seen worldwide as the surfing mecca because of the beautiful weather, but also because of its perfect surfing conditions. With this California skimboard you will immediately have that California feeling!

A skimboard is made of multiple layers of wood that have been pressed together under high pressure. After that a water-repellent lacquer layer is applied over it and provided with a colorful print. The lacquer layer ensures that the wood does not become damp and expands.

So look out! Never place a skimboard on the stones or tiles! Once the lacquer layer is damaged, water can get to the wood and it will expand. So make sure to always check carefully that the paintwork has not been damaged during transport and handle your board with care.

Once your board has been used, the warranty on your board will expire, because we cannot see how the skimboard has been used.

If the skimboard tiki isn't for you, you can also opt for a bodyboard. In the Netherlands, a bodyboard is used more than a skimboard. The choice is therefore more extensive than is the case with the skimboards.