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Fanatic Carbon Mast & Fuselage TE 82 cm

Team edition carbon mast and fuselage


At the top of our new Carbon range, we've designed a mast especially for those riders pushing the limits. This 82cm Fanatic X Duotone COLLAB Team Edition mast comes with an even faster profile than before, reducing weight and an extremely rigid High Modulus Carbon layup to make you fly fast like never before.

Built on the slimmer profile of the Duotone SLS Kite masts, this 82mm is specifically targeted towards less experienced foilers looking for that responsive feedback from their kites when they go upside down.

This Collab TE Mast makes use of high-tech materials to deliver unparalleled performance - so don't forget your 68cm Carbon Fuselage!



  • Mast length: 82cm
  • Fuselage length 68cm

 Available online at wake-style.com