Ion Seek Select 6/5 Hood Front Zip

Ion Seek Select 6/5 Hood Front Zip


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Hooded winter wetsuit by ION

The ION Seek Select 6/5 boasts the best wetsuits for watersport addicts who want to push themselves through extreme conditions and and low temperatures With Graphene Lining as its foundation garment, this wetsuits keep surfers  warm while they push themselves hard in hostile environments. Customized with a Hot_Stuff 2.0 lining in key areas such as the arms and shoulders and a combination of rhombus-shaped outside lining tailored specifically towards maximum range of motion, this wetsuit caters completely to modern needs-- while never compromising on quality. From sealing and reinforcing seams; stitching so strong it can't be ripped out by even an octopus' tentacles; sponging that doesn't drip during tumultuous seas-- these suits last long past anything else under tough circumstances because that's just what they're made for!



  • Hooded wetsuit
  • Hot lining
  • Glued seams
  • Polar approved


The Ion Seek Select hooded wetsuit is available online at Wake-style.com. If you are looking for the ultimate winter wetsuit look no further. Warmth and comfort are guaranteed!!!