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Nkx Maverick Surfskate

Complete surf skate board

The Maverick series are designed for that incredible soft feeling when you ride them .These surfskates are for everyone, from beginner skaters to more experienced longboarders. Whether you're looking for a quick blast through the concrete waves or want some fun experience time on your quality skateboard - NKX has what it takes! The Maverick Surfskates from De NKC are perfect for anything you might want to do on a Thursday afternoon. They have the appearance of an old school surfboard with deep concave for stability, kick tails that make stunts easier and wheel wells minimizing chances your board will get damaged in case it bites into something hard enough! This makes the surfskate feeling amazing, you will be always in control at every turn. This new surfskate design is perfect for cruising, carving and pumping - in addition to being very popular among surf skaters.


  • 78A 69mm wheels 
  • length 31"
  • width 10".25
  • wheelbase 46.5cm
  • deck material: 7 layer canadian maple
  • weight 2800g
  • medium concave

If you are looking for a quality surfskate, the NKX Maverick will put a smile on your face  . Available at wake-style.com surfskate shop