Sabfoil Wingfoil KIT B83945K | KMS BLACK SERIES Wake-style.com

Sabfoil Black Series Wingfoil KIT B83945K | KMS

Freeride and surf hydrofoil by Sabfoil

At Wake-style.com we are stoked to introduce  the new Sabfoil B83945K BLACK SERIES carbon Wingsurf specific hydrofoil kit. Ideal for Wing/Surf-Foil, this freeride and surf foil kit comes with everything you need to explore the world of kite-foils at a price that won't break the bank. If you dream about a carbon wing foil kit without breaking the bank....you are served with this kit by sabfoil. . Thanks to Kraken Modular System connector technology, maximum compatibility is guaranteed between all SABFOIL components, allowing you to swap out wing boards or surf foils whenever you please without any complications whatsoever!


The kit B83945K Black Series consists of:

  • Mast: M83K Black Series - 830 mm

  • Front Wing: W945 Black Series - 1300 cm2

  • Stabilizer: S430 Black Series - 240 cm2

  • Fuselage: F703K - 703 mm

  • Mast Plate: P02K

It is possible to upgrade your kit thanks to the Quick Release System (Q01K) patented by SABFOIL and sold separately. Thanks to it you can assemble and disassemble your hydrofoil in a few seconds, avoiding at the same time losing the configuration on the board.

The Wake-style.com team review

This hydrofoil kit by Sabfoil is the perfect choice for every wingsurfer who wants to start with a premium kit at a fair price. The 945 wing is great to progress with and to shred in the surf. An average 80kg rider could already get lifted from 13-14 knots with a 5-5.5 mt wing. The carbon mast assures stiffness and performance on the water unlike the aluminium masts offered by other brands at this price point. You are able to upgrade at any time the front wing with any other model available in the Sabfoil line.

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