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Slingshot Manticore V1


Freeride, confidence, performance foil board

Sizes: 5'5" x 90L /  5'8" x 105L /  5'11" x 120L

The Slingshot Manticore V1 is a great board for those who want to progress and learn. Thanks to its  compression molded construction, this board is very durable and strong. It features mellow chined rails, flat bottom rocker design which makes it quick release onto foil without difficulty even in choppy water; 3/4 length corduroy deck pad provides excellent comfort on your knees and feet while you're riding--and the insert handle at base allows easy transportation into action when needed! The extended foils track makes this board compatible with all foils on the market. Tri, double or strapless options are possible on the Manticore V1.


  • Hassle free durable and strong construction
  • Flat bottom with mellow chine rails make this board easy to start and super forgiving during touchdowns
  • Super soft deck pad
  • Multiple strap option
  • Awesome price point


Volume (L) Length (in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Weight (lbs / kg) Foil Connection
90 5'5'' 27'' 4 4/5'' 17.75 lbs / 8.05 kg Adj. Track
105 5'8'' 28'' 4 9/10'' 19.91 lbs / 9.03 kg Adj. Track
120 5'11'' 29'' 5 1/5'' 21.32 lbs / 9.67 kg Adj. Track



The wake-style.com review

The Slingshot Manticore V1 is a perfect wing foil board for the one who is looking for an affordable option without renouncing to the latest technological features features. The flat bottom helps you getting the required take off speed and the rounded rails are super forgiving every time you touch the water. We all know that wing foiling  is a fast evolving sport where the progression happens in a short time, but, we need at every step the right equipment in order to level up. Many riders who are looking to start with this awesome sport look for a board that can help them progressing before sizing down with liters.

The Slingshot Manticore v1 is exactly what you need:

  • easy to ride and stable
  • low price point
  • strong and durable
  • compact shape

The Slingshot Manticore V1 is available at wake-style.com. Contact us for a personalised offer and advice