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Wingfoil history and gear

The first wingsurf gets born in 1986 from Tom Magruder and was called "Wing Weapon". Since then, many different wingsurfers prototypes have been used not only paired to watersports, but also to land boards and skiing sports. Untill 2019, when the foil revolution exploded in the kite, windurf and other sailing disciplines. Slingshot is been the first brand to have the idea to pair wingsurfer traction to a foil board. 

Wingsurfing today is a totally new discipline that is attracting kiters, windsurfers and other watersports fanatics.


For Wingsurfing you need:

  • An Inflatable Foil Wing, also known as "foiling wing" or "Wingfoil"
  • A Wingfoil board, better if specific for the discipline
  • A Wingsurf foil fin, available on different shapes and sizes according to the wingsurfer style and experience.

What makes wingsurfing so special is that is accessible to most. You don’t need a lot of gear, long time to setup, space to extend your lines or a fellow surfer to to help you launch from the beach.

For this reasons, wingsurfing is allowed on most of the spots, even when other watersports are forbidden.


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