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2020 Slingshot RPM V12

2020 Slingshot RPM V12


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The RPM V12 is pushing forward it's legacy.Is back for the 12th consecutive year with this new version featuring  the Flyline Bridle System, which was introduced last year. The FlyLine together with the new Modified Open C shape has enables a boost in  performance for the RPM. This beefed up kite shape and the use of the new bridle configuration increases  the RPM’s turning speed and gives more  lift and hangtime.




The Slingshot RPM IS WORLDWIDE RECOGNIZED as one  of the greatest kites ever made and incredibly this evolution is far from over. This evolution is continued  with a new canopy material, the  4x4 Canopy Tech - it makes the kite  stiffer, stronger, and longer lasting. It has retained the 3 strut frame and wide wing tip that made it famous. The 12th version of the RPM keeping in mind the anytime, any condition, all performance design. .



  • NEW 4x4 Canopy Tech - The strongest and stiffest material on the market
  • The RPM V12 is the most performing, most technologic and  advanced kite on the market
  • The RPM V12 is produced delivers world championship performance ina free ride pack, it is the kite with the most worldchampionship titles and with the most tricks landed .
  • The beefed up and  Modified Open C shape together with the new FlyLine bridle configuration makes  the RPM’s turn faster and enhances lift and hangtime capabilities