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2021 Airush Lithium V12 Kite


2021 Airush Lithium V12 Kite

The Lithium V12 2021 is the friendly all-round performance kite from Airush. A pleasure for everyone, this model will suit beginner and advanced freeride kitesurfers alike! The bar pressure of the lithium v12 2021 can be described as light which makes it easy to control even if you're not that strong.The new Lithium V12 2021 has a power and stability that is unmatched by any other kite in the sky. The super stable delta three strut design gives this revolutionary kite an enormous wind range, while Airush's v3.2 bridle system absorbs gusts like no one else can! In fact, I found it very easy to go upwind with the new Lithium-even when there was high winds blowing about everywhere around me.The Airush Lithium 2021 is a kite that's designed for the avid kitesurfer in mind. The design of this product was crafted with careful consideration given to its quick relaunch, which can be seen by it slanted wing tips that will not "stick" on water when you're trying to launch your board back into action.The Airush Lithium has a new strong construction. This canopy is made of D4 ripstop, which makes it the strongest kitesurfing canopy available on the market today. The tips are reinforced with Kevlar and all struts come equipped with tough Airush Bumpers to provide extra protection for your investment in this awesome gear!


  • Allround | Freeride
  • Hybrid delta shape
  • Three struts
  • Strong D4 ripstop cloth
  • Large wind range
  • Fast relaunch
  • V3.2 bridle system