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2021 North Orbit Kite


2021 North Kiteboarding Orbit Kite

 Big Air // Freeride kite

The 2021 North Orbit will bring you to new heights! The King Of The Air winner kite is back and has been improved.

This amazing 5 strut performance kite will truly blow your mind with tons of air time, power and high end capabilities. Ride the wildest storms and make your new Woo record with this amazing kite from North Kiteboarding!



For the 2021 edition the bridles have been modified, for a more playful feeling and stability.

The heavy Dhcron panels have been replaced by lighter material, making the kite more responsive and fast than ever!

The New North Orbit has a wide flattened 2-stage arc supported by a reinforced exo-skeleton frame.


Whatch the video:


  • Huge lift & Hangtime
  • 5 strut performance
  • incredible upwind performance
  • High aspect swept design + easy relaunch
  • Light bar pressure for effortless ride

The 2021 North Kiteboarding Orbit is finally available on Wakestyle, your favorite online kite shop. Pump it up an be the next KING OF THE AIR!


North Orbit size guide and wind range