2021 North Pulse Freestyle Kite, buy it at Wakestyle Kite shop!

2021 North Pulse Freestyle - Wakestyle Kite


North Kiteboarding Pulse 2021 Freestyle Kite

Freestyle // Wakestyle

The mighty 2021 North Pulse it's a dream for all wakestyle riders!!! Thanks to it's bridled hybrid C kite shape, powerful turns and fast steering are assured, this means big boosting and easy kite loops!

It's C shape will provide the perfect slack in the lines for passing the bar.

2021 North Pulse features:

  • You can adjust the pressure of the bar and the steering impulse from the wingtip, allowing you to fine tune the kite
  • No Pulleys will make the kite feeling more direct and more accurate
  • The reinforced dacron exo skeleton will protect the  the kite and make it more reactive
If you are a committed wakestyler and you want to step up your freestyle game, the 2021 North Pulse is what you need. Available on our website and for demo at our store in Bussum, near Amsterdam.