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2021 Slingshot Celero XR Surfboard


 Slingshot Celero 2021

The 2021 Slingshot Celero is built with XR Construction and hybrid EPS composition for optimal balance of weight and strength. The Celero XR is the perfect surfboard that will give you maximum control also in serious waves, pushy river swells and flat waters.

The curvy outline and winged squash tail make the Celero XR extremely responsive in turning, but they will also help you in maintaing speed through sloweror fatter wave sections.


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Buy the 2021 Celero XR Board with the FCS II REACTOR TRI-FIN SETUP. Buy it online on Wake-Style.com or at our store in Bussum, 20 minutes from Amsterdam, Almere, Utrecht, Hilversum and Amersfoort.