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2022 North Navigator Bar

2022 North Kiteboarding Navigator Control Bar

The intuitive 2022 North Navigator Bar Control System features the industry leading SK99 Dyneema lines from Liros, offering maximum performance and durability.

It's a functional, yet good looking and solid kite bar, that won't let you down season after season, even if you are a kiteloop freak.


Sizes Available

The 2022 North Navigator Bar is available in 3 adjustable lenght sizes:

  • S 38-43cm: for small kites and freestyle riders
  • M 45-50cm: for extra reactivity and mid to big sized kites  
  • L 50-55cm: for bigger and light wind kites


Tool-less Interloop

The Nort Navigator features a interchangeable chicken-loop system called "Toolless Interloop". This super handy siystem will let you switch effortlessly between disciplines, and change the bar feel according to your preferences and the daily wind conditions.

The modular interloop system, other than featuring an ergonomic design, its been designed for safety and comfort in all conditions, meeting the ISO 21853:2020 compliance standards, while remaining lightweight (60 g). 

The bar also mounts a single-action reload quick-release system. A top notch industry standard that will let you re-set your ckickenloop effortly after releasing, with just a simple push-in movement.

Loops You can choose from:

  1. Short loop
  2. Standard Freeride loop
  3. Standard Freestyle loop
  4. Long Freestyle loop for wakestyle 
  5. Sliding loop for surfing and foiling


NOTE: when purchased online, the bar mounts a standard freeride loop. Contact us bedore buying if you wish to purchase it with a different kind of loop!



  • 3 adjustable bar length options
  • Toolless interloop system with lockguard
  • Industry-leading 100% dyneema sk99 flying lines
  • Soft EVA bar ends with retractable line winders
  • Protective pu-covered leader lines
  • Adjustable cleated trim system
  • Lightweight over-molded trim handle with dyneema lines
  • Durable covered mainline, with customised TPU tubing
  • Custom low-friction spinning handle
  • Adjustable length flying lines 22m (12m + 10m)
  • Intuitive single-action reload
  • Omnidirectional grip with offset finger bar
  • Spinning leash attachment ring


Watch the 2022 North Navigator Bar official video: 


2022 North Navigator package includes:

  • Control Bar
  • Standard Freeride Loop with Finger
  • Premium quality leash
  • Repair Kit


Wakestyle Team Opinion

If you've been kitesurfing for a while, than you know that it's a super versatile sport, and that no rider or session are equal. The 2022 North Kiteboarding Navigator is top of the range fully castomizable kite control bar, thanks to the adjustable lenght and the innovative tool-less loop system. If you enjoy different kite disciplines (freestyle, wakestyle, surf, foil...) this bar will really blow your mind!

The customization features will let you have a single bar that you can set up differently in no time, according to the conditions and the kind of session you want to have. Now you can finally switch from freestyle to surf or foil, without messing around with screws and loosing precious time on the beach!

 Wakestyle Kitesurf Shop

You can buy the 2022 North Navigator contol bar online, or come to visit our store and check it in person. Our kite shop is in Bussum, just 20 minutes away from Amsterdam, Almere, Utrecht, Hilversum and Amersfoort.