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2022 North Orbit Kite

North Kiteboarding Orbit 2022

The 2022 North Orbit kite focuses on performance freeride, big air and kiteloops. This King of the Air kite guarantees unprecedented hangtime and, thanks to its advanced technologies, it will take you to new height records!

The North Kiteboarding Orbit is a majestic kite that has earned its place at the top of big air competitions. The 2022 version of one of our all time favorite flying machines, will take you higher than ever before, with even greater control in all wind conditions. The North Orbit 2022 will guide all intermediate kitesurfers to their first kiteloops, and will impress for how fast this 5 strut kite can turn. This kite will catch you every time after a kite loop, making your progression a breeze.

2022 North Orbit Updates:

Of course the 2022 North Orbit features some relevant updates, as the new lightweight N-75 construction, lighter bladders, improved bridle geometry and materials. All these new features translate in a faster turning and better fly performance. You make the math : Jump higher, loop better and get caught after EVERY kite loop!



  • Freeride | Big Air | kiteloops
  • 5 struts design
  • D2 Teijin Ripstop canopy
  • 4-line kite
  • Low V
  • New lightweight bladder material
  • New lightweight N-75 construction
  • Fine tuned and thinner bridles
  • Kevlar reinforcements
  • Adjustable bar pressure

  • Wake Style Team Opinion

    The 2022 North Orbit brings in some upgrades to a kite which was already one of the best big air machines around, no wonders why it was a regular competition winner.

    Even being a freeride performance kite, we also recommend the North Orbit to both Big Air experts and to those who want to learn and improve their kiteloop abilities with an easy, reliable and therefore safer kite.


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