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2022 North Reach Kite (V3)


Performance freeride kite by North Kiteboarding

The 2022 North Reach is Lively and graceful with endless energy, this multifaceted allround kite was built for ease. It reigns supreme in anything from jumps to boosting, upwind riding to down-the-line foiling; flying elegantly through the air with a clean sweep of white cloth, it always manages its momentum seamlessly - no matter how strong or gentle the wind gusts. With the addition of an all new Dacron exo skeleton reinforcement running through every size, subtle changes were made in effortless response for an even sharper snatch, quicker acceleration and greater control over speed or direction right off the line. Keeping true to its persona by remaining responsive yet still easygoing thanks to lightweight reinforcements without compromising the product's resiliency - the Reach was developed at CICHLYTE's state of art laboratory in Norway. Standing out among other light winds kites, it beats powerfully when you need an extra kick in your back pocket; delivering strong power as well as accuracy downwind.



  • Boosts and loops with a smooth reliable catch   
  • Incredible stability for foil and lightwind  
  • Well-balanced tactile surf handling 
  • Massive wind range and upwind drive   
  • New lighter N-DURE Dacron in all sizes  
  • Incredibly powerful and efficient  
  • Larger sizes lightwind-optimised  
  • More durable leading-edge seam  
  • New revised arc design for cleaner kiteloops   
  • Lightweight bladders in every size   
  • Highest quality no-pulley low drag bridle lines
  • Direct and Responsive Steering   
  • Confident relaunch with swept design   
  • Precise draft-forward profile   
  • Progressive freestyle medium-high AR   
  • Duralite seam protection  
  • Kevlar reinforced strut system with bridle deflectors   
  • New HyperFlow rapid inflation system cap and valve geometry   
  • Recycled PET Kite Bag with Foil Assist