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2022 Slingshot Spacemob Boots

Wakeboard bindings with walking liners

Flexible and customizable Wake Boots

The Slingshot Spacemob is a legendary model of wakeboard bindings widely used by some of the best cable park wakeboard riders around the globe.
One of the reasons to be chosen by the pros is the possibility to remove the inner boot liner and be able to walk on it. Forget putting your feet in some muddy slushy corner of the cable park after you fail that raley or that boardslide on a nasty feature. The walkable liners of the Spacemob can act like shoes, this means that they have a proper sole that lets you comfortably walk around with them, without worrying about crushing your beloved wake boots.

Finally, the Slingshot signature gummy bands offer the perfect closure system: they are super quick to fasten, allow for a custom tightness, and will never get loose while riding.


Choose your Wake Boots stiffness!

Another cool feature, developed by listening to the riders, is the chance to remove the outer boot's tongue allowing to customize the stiffness of this wake boot:

  • Keep the boot's tongue for a stiffer flex, perfect for air-style, XL kickers, and boat rides.
  • Remove the external tongue if you prefer a softer boot, for maximum tweak while performing board presses.


The 2022 Slingshot Spacemob Bindings Feature:

  • K9 Mounting system: will fit on most wakeboards, allowing for a fully customizable stance and a perfect centering of the boots
  • Bottomless base system: will connect your feet and your brain straight to your board.
  • Gummy bands: allow for insane fit personalization
  • Walking liners: with these inner walkable liners you will be able to walk even on the surface a volcano
  • Custom flex option: remove or add the external boot's tongue for having a stiffer or softer flex, according to your style


Watch the official video for the 2022 Slingshot Spacemob Wake Boots


Wakestyle Team Review & Opinion

The Slingshot Spacemobe have been long since some of the best wakeboard bindings around. We absolutely love the option of having walkable liners for going back to the start point quickly after a bail, and also the customizable tongue option.

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