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2023 Duotone Unit D / Lab Wing


Duotone Unit D-Lab V2


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The Duotone Unit D-Lab is the most advanced wing on the market and is back, better than ever for season 2023 with its second version. The Duotone Labs focused their effort in adding new features and improving what was the best foil wing on the market without looking at costs. The Duotone Unit V3 pairs to the Aluula fabric the all new MOD 3 canopy material resulting in a mind blowing performance for this foil wing. The latest version of the Aluula fabric enhances the lift, responsiveness hangtime, drift and efficiency of the Unit D/Lab wing. The insane reactiveness of the Duotone D/Lab Unit wing, allows you to get earlier on the foil and jump higher. The MOD 3 material used on the Unit D/Lab V3 helps holding better the shape of the wing thanks to its higher stretch resistance when compared to the traditional canopy. The lower stretch provides more power and pumping efficiency, this means you can ride a smaller wing in lighter wind conditions.

The MOD 3 fabric will last longer than the traditional canopy, your wing will stay crispy also after many seasons. Kevin Winner, the Duotone wing designer, made also some significant changes to the shape of the Unit D/Lab V3; The dihedral angle, as well as the tip and strut twist for enhanced drift stability when surfing or flying through basic manoeuvres. The front handle has been reinforced and is more pleasant to hold while surfing, and the minimalistic windows safe unnecessary weight while offering safety and visibility of the surrounding. The minimalistic and unique handle on the Duotone Unit D/lab V3 offer max control, immediate feedback, reduced weight and pack super easy after your session. The Duotone Unit D / Lab excels in many conditions, from surf to overpowered riding and suits riders from all levels. Now you can finally choose between the Regular Unit and the D/Lab but don't forget, if you want the best performance, the Duotone Unit D/Lab is the right choice


  • Super stiff and light Alluula frame
  • Mod 3 canopy for extra efficiency and wing longevity
  • Reinforced front handle for better handling when the wing is flagged
  • Big wind range =  less wings in your quiver
  • Most advanced wing in the market
  • Direct handles
  • New wing shape

The Wake-style.com review

We had the chance to try already the new Duotone Unit D/Lab V3 and we were just mind blowed by the performance of this wing.

The things that impressed us are: 

The frame stiffness, the light weight, the lift and efficiency.

The performance of the MOD 3 material on the canopy is immediately noticeable, the wing is very still and the canopy is not moving at all, also in gusty conditions, the white colour  used on the canopy looks better when compare to the previous year 's version. The redesigned tips,  are more rounded so the big sizes are less likely to touch the water.

The front handle is finally rigid and there is more space between hands / knuckles and the leading edge

Final thoughts : The 2023 Duotone Unit D/Lab comes at a higher price when compared to a traditional construction, this is because of the Aluula fabric, but, will  probably saving you the cost of one other wing thanks to the wide wind range and most likely is saving you many sessions. Think how many times we swap wings during unstable windy days and we loose precious time by going in and out of the water to change wing size ! To make an example, a 5.5 D/Lab will suit an 80-85 kg rider from 11 to 25 knots, this mean you can cover a far bigger range without the need of another wing in your quiver. If you want to have more infos, advice or test the new Duotone Unit D/Lab V3 contact us