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Airush Lithium V12 + Switch Progression 2021 Kitesurf Set

Size Kite & Board

Airush Lithium V12 + Switch Progression 2021 Kitesurf Set

If you want to start kitesurfing with awesome gear, this complete set from Airush is definitely something for you. The Lithium has a smooth power delivery that will make your first meters easy while also allowing the rider to progress by switching between different levels of assistance easily on their Switch progression board.Size up your kiteboard if you are a beginner and choose one that is at least 145 cm. You can find these boards in different sizes, with the smallest being 135 cm for lighter riders. The Progression bar will help newbies get off on the right foot!The Airush Lithium has a new construction that is stronger than any other type of kitesurfing canopy available. The canopy is made entirely out of D4 ripstop material, which makes it the strongest in its category. Rather than wearing away quickly like others would at weak points such as tips and struts, this model features reinforced strips with Kevlar stitching to ensure longevity and make for an even more durable product overall!It's time to prepare for the perfect summer day! That means going out and buying a kite. If you're looking for one that will allow you to jump, cruise, and do hooked tricks with ease then look no further than this Airush Lithium Kite!

The Package includes:

  • Airush Lithium V12 2021 Kite Colour Navy/Mint
  • Switch Progression 2021 Kiteboard
  • Airush Boost bindings
  • Airush Progression V3 bar