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Airush X Starboard Freewing V2


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Airush + Starboard Freewing Air V2 Wing

A collaboration between the two brands to create the perfect Allround Foil Wing

The Airush + Starboard FreeWing Air V2 is a brand new foil wing with an improved design! Starboard and Airush  have designed this wingsurf wing to be easy-to-use, so that it can glide through the air like magic. This allround foil wing comes equipped with extra large viewing windows for increased visibility at any time of day. It also features inward facing tips, that keep you out of water when starting or when overpowered during your ride.

The Freewing 2 is durable too, thanks to lightweight reinforcements inside each panel for added protection against wear and tear during high use situations. Lastly, one feature you'll be happy about are its ergonomic handgrips.

It’s hard to wingsurf for hours without taking any break. Starboard and Airush have successfully reduced arm pressure, to make the Freewing V2 more comfortable, while its design still provides maximum control with high performance, from beginner to the more advanced riders. With these great features you will be able to explore new wingsurfing spots and locations safely!


Freewing V2 Features:

  • New shape
  • Reduced wing span in size 6/7/8 for less water contact
  • Strategically placed viewing windows
  • Allround wingsurf performance
  • New ergonomic handgrips


Freewing V2 sizes:



Whatch the official video:

Airush x Starboard Freewing V2 Wake-Style.com Team Opinion:

The Starboard Freewing V2 is a new and improved version of the already top of the range Freewing; this new model features improved performance, stability and handling, that will make it great for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders as well!


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