Ak Nomad DW Foil-Board

Ak Nomad DW Foil-Board

Introducing the Nomad Foilboard by AK Durable Supply Co

Meet the all-new Nomad, a game-changing wingboard designed for lightwind conditions and downwind adventures, boasting remarkable stability and effortless gliding prowess. Whether you're chasing long waves, embarking on downwind journeys, or harnessing the faintest breezes with your wing, the Nomad is your ideal companion.

The Nomad was conceived with a singular mission in mind: to craft the ultimate lightwind wing board, while ensuring its versatility extended to surfing, paddleboarding, and downwind stand-up paddling. We recognized that achieving a specific glide speed would facilitate effortless foil transitions, and we aimed to make the board equally enjoyable on and off the foil.



  • 90L 6’6” x 20.5” x 5.2”
  • 115L 7’0” x 23” x 5.4”
  • 135L 7’6” x 24.5” x 5.6”


With its carefully optimized dimensions, the Nomad boasts a parallel outline, intelligently distributed volume for flight, and a forward foil position that allows you to maintain your stance while paddling for take-off and smoothly transitioning onto the foil.

We understood that a longer and narrower board could provide even greater glide, but our core design principle is to create boards that excel at their primary function while offering versatility. Thus, we optimized the Nomad's length to ensure it remains fun and playful for pumping maneuvers even when on the foil.

The Nomad incorporates footstrap inserts, enhancing usability for intermediate riders when winging and enabling impressive speed gains. We've reinforced the deck for increased durability, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of winging.


Nomad User Guide
Model Width Volume Wing Weight Range Paddle Weight Range
Nomad 6'6" - 90L 20.5" 90L 60 - 90kg 60 - 80kg
Nomad 7'0" - 115L 23" 115L 70 - 95kg 75 - 95kg
Nomad 7'6" - 135L 24.5" 135L 80 - 105kg 80 - 105kg

Nomad Strap & Insert Options:

The Nomad is equipped with reinforced footstrap inserts, offering various forward and backward positions with a 2.5cm (1-inch) spacing. This flexibility allows riders to customize their stance width and foil positioning.

The front strap can be centered, slightly offset, or configured with a double or single strap at a 45-degree angle. Meanwhile, the rear strap can be mounted over the board's centerline or offset to the left or right. These insert options permit riders to adopt a left or right foot forward riding style or employ a single strap angled slightly over the centerline.

For quick assembly and micro trim adjustments, the Nomad features a US Box foil mount on the bottom deck, compatible with standard 9 x 16.5cm foil plate systems. These inserts are securely connected to the deck with high-density inserts.

Kitting: The Nomad comes standard with 1 x single Ether footstrap and 1 x Ether V footstrap.

Recommended Footstrap Screws: Use M6 self-tapping screws, 22 – 28mm long, depending on the thickness of your straps. Screws are included in the package.

Experience the AK Nomad Foilboard, where innovation meets versatility, and lightwind adventures reach new heights.