All Terrain Longboard Wheels by Atom Longboards


All Terrain Longboard Wheels

All-Terrain Skateboard Wheels open up a new world for riders, the one just off the beaten asphalt path.  Their super high rebound 100mm tread make them the perfect addition to any boarder’s quiver.  Whether you're a seasoned shredder looking for a new challenge, a beginner looking for wheels that will roll over anything, or a campus cruiser who just doesn’t feel like walking when the pavement ends and grass begins. Cast with 78A super-high-rebound urethane for unparalleled speed.


Height: 100mm (3.9”)

Width: 65mm (2.5")

Core Width: 20mm

Weight: 3lbs 7oz (1.5kg) Set of 4

Uses 22mm O.D. Bearings.