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Appletree Appleslice V2 Wing Foil Board


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Carbon allround wingfoil specific board

Wing-foiling surfing is the fastest growing sport in the world right now; it has quickly developed In only a few short years, once was only cruising on flat water and now is way  more than that, waveriding, freeriding jumping freestyling etc.

Appletree developed the Appleslice V2 with the goal of producin a wing foil  board that is good in any condition, from waves to flat water, for beginners to freestylers. Each board ranges in different volume, starting from very low ones  that can also be used as a prone foil surfboard for accomplished riders to a the big 110L x 5'7 which is perfect for heavyweights or beginner wingsurfers 

Appleslice V2 Width Thickness Volume Weight*
4’6” 19.7” 2.61” 35L 3.53KG
4’7” 20.0” 2.82” 40L 3.80KG
4’8” 21.5” 3.23” 50L 4.03KG
4’9” 22.5” 3.67” 60L 4.83KG
4’10” 23.5” 4.01” 70L 5.20KG
5’0” 24.5” 4.46” 83 L 5.99KG
5’3” 25.0” 4.81” 95L 6.73KG
5’7” 25.6” 5.12” 110L 7.42KG



Compact Shape: The Appleslice V2 has a compact size, not like the Jazz the Jazz, altough is narrower and a little bit longer.The specific shape helps in the waves or when you hit the water during a turn or when going upwind


Hull entry:The entry shape of the Appleslice V2 is special. A boat-like hull design for the entry that immediately flattens out right under the foot. This unique design helps displacing the water and to accelerate immediately.  provides effortless mobility, making it possible to go down a size in board volume without sacrificing glide power or stability.

Elongated planing surface

After the hull entry, the bottom flattens out to provide a stable planing surface. The tail of the Appleslice V2 is straight with a hard edge at the end. This bottom is ideal for accelerating and releasing off the water getting you on the foil quicker.

The foil tracks are placed slightly forward to accommodate the use of newer high aspect foils that work better when placed more at the front. The rails of the Appleslice V2 are bevelled to help deflect the water on touchdown.

Front foot recess standing area

You will see our unique recess feature across the Appletree Surfboards foil range. This ensures that the angle between the standing area and the foil mast remains at 90 degrees, yet still allows us to change the angle between the bottom and the foil mast.

You want the bottom to have an angle slightly over 90 degrees as this helps the board gain speed as well as deflect the board back up if you touchdown. What you do not want is to have the standing area over 90 degrees as it would give you the feeling of standing on a slope meaning you will have less control over the foil.

Natural volume distribution

The volume in the Appleslice V2 is distributed evenly over the shape, making it easy to balance when on the knees. Once on the foil, the board feels balanced and is easy to turn and manoeuver. In the bigger sizes, this board is very easy to control when you are still learning, while the smaller sizes allow the board to improve your riding.