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Aquatone Flexor Sup Paddle

Aquatone Flexor Sup Paddle

60% Nylon and 40% fiberglass sup paddle


The Aquatone Flexor Sup Paddle with its 815 gram weight, is the ideal for paddlers who want to improve their technique. Built in 3 sections with a full glass shaft and blade is the perfect All-round weapon. The surface of the blade is 784cm2 and allows for easy strokes. Comes equipped with an anti twist pin lock and a plastic T-style handle. As the name says, flexibility and performance are the main characteristics of this sup paddle. All Aquatone blades feature a rigid spine in the center of the blade, this accelerates the water flow offering better efficiency at every stroke


  • 3 piece paddle easy to carry and store
  • Good flexibility and performance
  • 60% nylon//40%fiberglas construction
  • Rigid blade spine for better water flow
  • Weight 815g
  • Good price
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