Armstrong HA 1325 Complete Foil Kit

Armstrong HA 1325 Complete Foil Kit

Glide, speed & light wind performance

The kit includes: 1x HA1325 Foil, 1x HA195 Stabiliser, 1x 85cm (33.5”) Mast, 1x TC60 (23.5”) Fuselage, PP Shims

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The Armstrong  HA1325 is a high aspect ratio foil that provides excellent glide performance and handling. Its turn radius and pitch stability are superb, and its inflected tips help prevent ventilation when the foil is in use. This makes the Armstrong HA1325 perfect for advanced pump and glide techniques, as well as linking up micro swells. The foil's ability to keep going makes it a standout choice for experienced wingers. The Armstrong HA1325 foil kit is a standout choice for experienced wingers due to its ease of tacking and excellent speed and glide.

These features give wingers plenty of time to complete maneuvers and, combined with the foil's amazing upwind angles and exceptional performance in light winds, make for a ride that never has to end. The Armstrong HA1325 foil was developed with input from Pete Burling, helmsman of Team New Zealand's Americas Cup yacht, and tested by legendary sailor Jimmy Spithill. 

Pete, Armie, and Jimmy's shared passion for foiling and their pursuit of ultimate performance and glide on downwind runs brought them together and ultimately led to their collaboration on the creation of the HA1325. Their efforts, aided by a mad scientist, resulted in a product unlike anything else seen outside the Americas Cup.


  • The HA1325 is constructed with a high-density foam core, wrapped in 100% IM and high modulus carbon. Its main foils are shaped and refined for maximum stability and predictability at all speeds, and have been carefully designed by a leading sport foil designer.
  • Area: 1325 cm2

  • Wingspan: 1164 mm

  • Aspect Ratio: 10.2

  • Weight: 3200g

  • Kit comes complete with - Carry case, Polycarbonate Pro Shims, Bi Directional Titanium Washers, Titanium T-nuts, Screws, Torx tool, Protective mast and Foil covers.


The Wake-style.com review

The Armstrong HA1325 is an ideal light wind, down wind, wake and pump foil weapon. We recommend this kit if you are a heavy rider and you are looking a light to mid wind wing foil setup that can be used for sup foiling in small swell and for dock starting.

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