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Armstrong HA1125 Foil Kit

Downwind & max glide foil by Armstrong

The kit includes: 1x HA1125 Wing, 1x HA195 Stabiliser, 1x 85cm (33.5”) Mast, 1x TC60 (23.5”) Fuselage, PP Shims

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The Armstrong HS1125 is a great wing to use in small surf on a mast that is 85cm or longer. Its high aspect ratio allows for good turning radius and the inflected tips help prevent ventilation. Its ability to pump and glide easily allows for "double dipping" and its smooth glide makes it easy for experienced wingers to tack and complete maneuvers like 360s. In addition, the HS1125 has excellent upwind angles and impressive downwind glide, as well as impressive light wind performance, making it a wing that allows for non-stop riding.



  • Glide
  • Ideal for downwind activities
  • Ideal in light-mid winds
  •  Wingspan 1050mm
  • Weight 3250g
  • Aspect ratio 9.8
  • Area: 1125 cm2 

  • Kit comes complete with - Carry case, Polycarbonate Pro Shims, Bi Directional Titanium Washers, Titanium T-nuts, Screws, Torx tool, Protective mast and Foil covers.

The Armstrong HA foil ki9t is available at wake-style.com. Authorized Armstrong reseller