Armstrong HA925 Foil Kit - Speed, & Glide. Buy @ Wake-style.com

Armstrong HA925 Foil Kit

Speed and glide down the line foil

The kit includes: 1x HA925 Foil, 1x HA195 Stabiliser, 1x 85cm (33.5”) Mast, 1x TC60 (23.5”) Fuselage, PP Shims

Get ready for an adrenaline rush with the Armstrong HA925 foil kit, the 9.8 AR is a true high aspect one and ensure endless glide paired to superior handling for rocking in the surf. This is the recipe for fun on the water! This Armstrong foil kit, comes with an 85 cm mast that handles perfectly small and medium surf thanks also to the perfectly balanced pitch stability of the HA925 front wing. The characteristic inflected tips prevent ventilation of the foil even when breaching and the glide and pump ability wil help you to link wave to wave. Among wingsurfer addicts this is one of the most popular Armstrong hydrofoil due to the fact that has ton of speed, control, glide and upwind ability. If you are a down wind addict, look no further, this is really  one the best hydrofoil setup you can get ! The weight of this kit is exceptional, just 3,1 kg, this set this Armstrong foil among the lightest of its category.

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  • Speed and glide performance
  • Balanced and predictable turning ability
  • Weight: 3100g 
  • Wing foil wave & down-wind performance
  • Reduced torsional flex thanks to the A+ System
  • *Kit comes complete with - Carry case, Polycarbonate Pro Shims, Bi Directional Titanium Washers, Titanium T-nuts, Screws, Torx tool, Protective mast and Foil covers.

The Wake-style.com review

Armstrong produces possibly the best hydrofoils available on the market and pushes the boundaries of innovation and design to new limits setting the trend for the competition. If you are looking for stepping up your game in the surf with glide, speed and snappy turns, the Armstrong HA925 foil kit will do exactly this and more! Contact us for detailed infos and for demo! Get your Armstrong HA925 at wake-style.com