Bones Bearings Reds

Bones Bearings Reds

Bones Bearings Reds

Product Information
Bones Bearings presents the standard by which skateboarding bearings of today are judged - the Bones Reds Bearings!

For years, Bones Reds have been the leader in the skate bearings industry. Reds were specifically developed for skateboarding performance by Skate One, and they offer practically unbeatable durability and speed of any other bearing in their respective price range. In fact, Bones Reds are not measured on an ABEC scale, because they have earned certification as a true "Skate-Rated" bearing.

Of course, the Bones Reds Bearings come pre-lubricated with patented Bones ´Speed Cream´ for an exceptionally smooth ride. Bones Reds are easy to clean and re-lubricate with original Bones Speed Cream

Regular cleaing and maintenance will essentially guarantee super long-lasting performance due to the quality of the components used in Bones Reds.


- pre-lubricated with original Bones Speed Cream
- ´Skate Rated´ certification
- easy-to-clean nylon ball cage
- removable rubber shield
- extremely long lasting
  (w/ proper care and cleaning)
- 8 performance bearings included