Bones Bearings Reds Big Balls

Bones Bearings Reds Big Balls

Bones Bearings Reds Big Balls

Bones Bearings presents the Reds Big Balls Bearings - ask for them by name!

Classic Bones Reds just aren´t fast enough for ya?! Get yourself a set of ´Big Balls´! These precision skate bearings are designed with six inner steel balls instead of the standard seven. The six larger balls give them a higher top speed and improved strength over standard seven ball bearings. Think of the Big Balls as a more affordable option to the beloved Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings!

In addition to the improved strength and top speed, Bones Big Balls are also more resilient to rolling through dirt and grime due to their larger ball size. This enables them to perform longer between cleanings. Cleanings are also quick and simple, thanks to the blue removable shields. Each pack comes with a Bones Reds sticker to put on your board so everyone knows you only skate the best!