Bones Bearings Speed Cream 1/2 oz

Bones Bearings Speed Cream 1/2 oz

Bones Bearings Speed Cream 1/2 oz

The Bones Wheels Speed Cream is the ideal choice for bearing maintenance. This synthetic lubricant is perfect for high-temperature frictions that can occur in skateboarding and was developed by Bones specifically to reduce friction. It will provide the bearing with a thin, protective layer to prevent corrosion and has a low viscosity.

Bones Speed Cream is suited for all commercially available skateboard bearings. We recommend cleaning your bearings beforehand with the Bones Bearing Cleaning Unit.


- high-quality lubricant
- 1/2 fluid oz. / 13 cc
- specifically developed to reduce friction
- covers bearing in thin corrosion-protection layer
- low viscosity
- perfect for refurbishing older bearings