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Cabrinha bar 1x Overdrive Recoil Quickloop


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Adjustable Cabrinha 4 lines kite bar

Compatible with the Switchblade and any other kite from Cabrinha 

The Cabrinha bar 1x Overdrive Recoil Quickloop is a highly refined control bar system with universal compatibility. It features a PU coated depower line with the Cabrinhas trademak recoil spring around it, which is there to make sure that the trim adjusters ares always in the reach, a particularly handy feature for smaller riders. The de-power has a very intuitive strap system, with one strap for powering one for depowering.

For 2021, the EVA floaters on the new Cabrinha Overdrive Quickloop 1X Recoil bar have been improved to be softer. The ergonomic grip on the bar offers comfort for your hands, and the swivel will help you untwist the front lines any time you want.
The bar ends are soft and ergonomic, with an adjustable form factor to fit your riding style perfectly.

The 2021 Cabrinha bar has a large amount of depower and also features added security measures, like the ability to trim in faster if needed. The Cabrinha Quickloop 1x Overdrive 1X bar is one the most intuitive and easy-to use kite bars on the market, and its single line safety system is of course fast, reliable and 100% efficient: just push it away to flag-out your kite and re-set in few seconds!

Cabrinha Overdrive

The Cabrinha's Overdrive is a system that allows the rider to easily adjust the bar width. The insert at the end of the bar is attached to the line, by removing this and twisting this end, you can turn the line by 8cm more towards the center to slow down the kite, or towards the outside to make it faster. This can be done at the beach or also on the fly! Watch the video below to better understand how it works.


The Cabrinha 1x Overdrive Recoil Quickloop bar comes in 2 sizes:

  • Medium: 44 to 52cm
  • Large: 52 to 60cm


  • Recoil system
  • Strap depower
  • NEW Easy adjust Overdrive bar end with 8cm width and leader adjustment
  • NEW Fully retracting bungee line retainer
  • NEW Soft, durable and ergonomic injection EVA bar ends with flex grooves
  • Asymmetric design with superior comfort and traction for enhanced grip
  • Easy to use pull-pull trim system
  • Unique spring loaded system, keeps your trim adjuster within reach
  • Largest amount of depower available
  • Low ‘V’ split connection for direct steering
  • 1X Centralized flagging line connection point
  • DSM Dyneema™ low elongation flying lines for direct and uncompromising performance
  • 8m lower front lines for convenient serviceability
  • Color coded line connection, for improved safety
  • Compatible with most kite brands
  • Short Leash Included


Watch the official Cabrinha 1x Overdrive Recoil Quickloop video:


Short leash (52cm) included, ISO complaint.


Wakestyle Team Opinion

The Overdrive Quickloop 1X Recoil bar from Cabrinha is a fantastic 4 lines kite bar compatible with the whole Cabrinha kite line and many other kite brands. Designed for every level rider and inflatable kite, it's the most customizable bar in the Cabrinha's line, with adjustable bar length and pressure. The Recoil system and the easy to reach trim make it a perfect bar also for shorter riders.

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