Cabrinha Mantis - Neil Pryde - JP Wing Foil Set

Cabrinha Mantis - Neil Pryde - JP Wing Foil Set

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Wing size
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Complete wingfoil package

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The kit Includes


  • Board: The JP X-Foil stands for performance and flexibility: it masters fast planing and take-off to perfection. Due to the unique shape, you can also use it as a windsurf foil and SUP foil.
  • Wing The second generation of the Cabrinha Mantis sets new standards in terms of power-on-demand 
  • Foil: With the Glide Surf Foil from Neilpryde, take offs are easy for you to master and the speed is ideally controlled in any foil condition.
  • Extras: The Wing Foil Set includes a board leash, a wing leash and a pump.

The Board:

JP-Australia X-FOIL (incl. footstraps and boardleash)
Sizes: 6'6" x 28.5", 6'2" x 27.5"

The X-Foil is a true all-rounder shining in all foil disciplines: wing foiling, SUP foiling and windsurf foiling! 
Shorter in length, wider and thicker compared to the WAVE SLATE or previous year’s FOIL range, the boards offer generous flotation for instant reaction to pumping and for easy take off. The concave deck shape makes it easy to locate the center of the board and to find a good balance over the foil.
The bevelled rails and tail kick help with reducing the wetted surface for easy take off and carefree tight turns. Riding strapless is the best decision when you are a total foil beginner or only just get used to foiling. Once advanced, various foot-strap positions cover all needs: depending on your individual preference the V-angled or the centered footstrap position are ideal for wing foiling, SUP foiling and strapped tow foiling.

The X-Foil comes with three single-plug footstraps and board leash included.


Size (ft): 6'6" x 28.5"

Length (cm): 199

Width (cm): 72

Volume (l): 128

Weight (kg): 9,0

Size (ft): 6'2" x 27.5"

Length (cm): 186

Width(cm): 70

Volume (l): 110

Weight (kg): 8,2

The Wing:

Cabrinha Crosswing X3 (incl. Wing Leash und Cabrinha Wing Pump)
Size (sm): 5.0, 6.0

Already into its 3rd iteration, the Crosswing X3 sets a new standard in efficiency and on-demand power.  
Detailed work has been done by Cabrinha's R&D team into the wing profile and new radial canopy panel layout to achieve our most high-performing and reactive wing to date. 

Through an increased leading edge diameter with load distributing centre section construction, we have created an exceptionally stiff framework, which is further enhanced by the X3's innovative double strut.  This framework gives the rider the ultimate feeling in efficiency and performance both in the lighter winds, where pumping and efficiency is required, and in higher winds where stability and control are greatly increased.

The Crosswing X3 comes with Wing Leash and Cabrinha pump.

The Foil:

Neilpryde Glide Surf HP (incl. Base Plate, Torx Screws und Torx Tool Kit)

Size: 1700 cm2, 1900 cm2 , 2300 cm2

The GLIDE SURF creates a playground for building new sensations. With a stable and fast take off no matter the conditions, the GLIDE SURF delivers superior gliding and controlled speed to ride easy and as far as they can flow. On the wave, the Glide Surf allows you to fly through the sections and progress from straight riding to progressive foil-turns. Your imagination is now the only limitation to how you will use the waves and how far you will fly.


Mast (cm): 75

Fuselage (cm): 70

Front Wing: 17/19/23

Tail Wing: 2,5


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