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Cabrinha Mantis with Windows

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Foil Wing with windows by Cabrinha

Note: this item is sold out but you can have a look at the new Cabrinha Mantis V2 with windows, by clicking on the link to reach the product page!


This version of the Cabrinha Mantis Wing features windows panels integrated into the canopy. For the regular version click on the link.


The Cabrinha Mantis 2021 is a freeride and surf-oriented foil wing, featuring an extremely lightweight design, but also enough strength and rigidity for durability and for standing even the toughest sessions!

The increased stiffness of the 2021 version allows you to easily power the wing through the turns, and to be able to absorb any gust. 


The Mantis packs all the latest technologies in terms of materials and construction:

Dihedral inflatable leading edge with medium aspect ratio and a super-stiff frame coupled to an outstanding lightweight.


Mantis by Cabrinha is an excellent wing for foil surfing. Once you're surfing a wave, you can grab it by the front handle and steer it effortlessly through the turns. Wing handling has never been so easy!

Why choose a foil wing with Windows

This foil wing offers performance and ease of use for foilers of any level; particularly in the integrated windows version, which allows for extra visibility for when surfing waves, while surfing in crowded spots, or in areas that present obstacles in the water.



  • Solid and stiff Skeletal frame
  • The sprint airlock: fast inflation & deflation 
  • Nano canopy ripstop: stable & reactive
  • Wide handles: maximum control & intuitive handling
  • High tenacity dacron: less elongation and material deformation


    •   2m
    • 2.5m
    • 3.1m
    • 4m
    • 5m
    • 6.2m


    Wind Range Chart


    Watch the official 2021 Cabrinha Mantis Wing video:


    Wakestyle Team Review & Opinion

    The Mantis is a top-quality foil wing at a fair price if compared to other brands.

    A performing, durable, and user-friendly foil wing ideal for beginners, surfers, and freestyles, lightweight and easy to handle.

    Choose the version with windows integrated into the canopy if you are a beginner, if you ride in challenging spots, or if you like a bit of extra visibility while surfing waves.

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