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Cabrinha Moto 2021

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Allround freeride sail by Cabrinha Kites

The Cabrinha Moto 2021 is a user friendly yet powerful crossover allround kite designed for all levels of kitesurfers, from beginners to experts. This versatile model has quickly become one the most popular models from the Hawaiian brand, thanks to its interesting design and easy flying characteristics, that make it a good-pick even if you're a beginner still learning kitesurfing.

An authentic 3-struts hybrid kite, ideal for those riders who love everything in kiteboarding: freeride, wave surfing. freestyle and foiling.


New Features for 2021

The new 2021 Cabrinha Moto features an improved forward drive; you will notice how the power generated by the kite is now effortlessly produced, and that its owerall upwind and lift ability have been greatly improved, resulting in better overall performance for all sizes of Motos. Cabrinha has made the profile of the Moto more suitable to it fly forward, and improved its shape for making it fly faster through the wind window by changing the arc shape of the kite.

Finally, the new new bridle system offers better control while still maintaining a light and direct feeling.


Why you will love the 2021 Cabrinha Moto:

The Cabrinha Moto is the ultimate weapon for freeriders and "do-it-all" crossover riders, engaged in multiple kite disciplines. The 2021 edition offers better control, but it's also light enough to be used for surfing waves.

When buying a new kite, most kiteboarders choose between performance and ease of use. With the Cabrinha Moto you get both! Bridging the gap between performance freeride and wave riding, the Moto will take you anywhere from flat water to steep waves!


  • A real crossover / allround kite
  • Lightweight but Super-strong  3-strut construction
  • Nano Ripstop Canopy for improved reactivity and longevity
  • Light arc segments for smooth, aerodynamic movement
  • Light profile panels for efficient aerodynamics
  • High Tenacity dacron for improving the handling
  • Light bar pressure with Direct feedback  
  • Great for beginners and advanced kiters

  • Watch the official video for the Cabrinha Moto 2021


    Wakestyle Team Review & Opinion

    At Wakestyle, we are kite-addicted, therefore, we're perfectly aware that nowadays kiters tends to practice more disciplines, according to wind conditions and riding style. They so need a kite which is really able to do-it-all, whatever they want to do on a windy day.

    The Cabrinha Moto 2021 is designed to give you an amazing freeride and crossover experience! A three-strut, hybrid kite with responsive wings and smooth handling that will have new riders hooked to it immediately!

    If you want to ride like a pro in any condition, order your 2021 Cabrinha Moto today, you will love how easy it is to learn new tricks with this kite!

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